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Boosting the transformation of the Spanish Startup ecosystem

K Fund is a new venture capital firm that, with an entrepreneur-centric philosophy, aims to fuel the evolution of the Spanish startup ecosystem by investing in early stage technology companies.

  • Hooks

    Stay up-to-date on anything with push notifications and chat with awesome people at the exact same moment something happens!

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  • Lucera

    The energy company that helps you save money

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  • Salupro

    Compare prices between thousands of providers from around the world and save money on your medical centre needs

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  • Coverfy

    Manage all of your insurance policies in one app

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  • Beonprice

    Improve your hotel's revenues by adapting supply to demand

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What we believe in

  • 1


    We, as investors, strongly believe that entrepreneurs should lead the way.

  • 2

    Technology and the Internet

    We believe that we are at day 1 of a new era. That’s why we invest in scalable business models that improve people’s lives.

  • 3

    We need to get our hands dirty

    because starting a company is tough.

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Job opportunities
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We think, we learn: we share

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