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Factorial was born as the initiative of three engineers (the founding team) who, after managing different technology companies, decided to develop another way of carrying out administrative tasks and employee management. That was the main reason for creating Factorial; changing the current work paradigm.

This cloud tool not only turns payroll and employee contracts into a child’s play that everyone can understand, but also automates their generation; connects it directly with public administrations and allows managers and labor experts to interact and draw conclusions in real time.

In any company, but especially in service SMEs, people are the key to good functioning and achieving business goals. “However, more than 85% of companies outsource this key function to a processing agency and lose control of their own information”, says Jordi Romero, the CEO of Factorial. “In addition, they allocate part of their scarce resources to administrative management, which does not bring any value, instead of dedicating this time to developing their employees”.

Automate your HR chores, reduce mistakes, and gain insights into your organization

Free for all but with paid options for more demanding clients:


Factorial offers its human resources tool for free to more than 20,000 companies throughout Spain. In addition, Factorial facilitates a comprehensive work management plan, which includes the generation of payslips, work counseling and flexible compensation plans and benefits. All under a single subscription model, with a fully int grated labor agency within the platform.