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Hubtype was founded in Barcelona in 2016 with the goal of leading enterprise businesses beyond chatbots and into the conversational messaging era.

Hubtype is quickly becoming a fundamental tool in the software stacks of enterprise level companies in industries like banking, insurance, and e-commerce. With almost half of its customer base ranking in the Forbes Global 2000 List, Hubtype has achieved a strong position in the market for enterprise l vel tools to create great experiences on messaging to handle everything from customer service to sales.

The Hubtype framework makes the process of building and deploying a chatbot easy, allowing clients to seamlessly integrate with messaging channels, including webchat, which makes scaling new me saging channels like WhatsApp possible.

Hubtype is one of less than 50 official WhatsApp Business Solution Providers in the world, and is based in one of WhatsApp’s top markets globally. The company is one of only a handful of WhatsApp’s official providers that offer a combination of automation, virtual agents, and human agents on the popular messaging app.