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Iristrace’s mission is to optimise the way in which teams easily collect, consolidate and analyse data. Iristrace customers save time and money by using their mobile devices to collaborate on customer experience, compliance, incidents, quality processes, audits and many more scenarios, instead of traditional method of pen and paper that many companies still use today.

Iristrace allows companies to perform quality control in a much more efficient way. With the company’s app, employees can be much more agile, while their supervisors can receive real time information of their businesses on their computers through Iristrace’s SaaS product.

Tens of leading companies in sectors such as retail, fashion, hospitality and automotive are benefitting from Iristrace’s platform to mitigate risks and find out how their multiple business locations are performing.


Iristrace helps turning business risks into business value

With Iristrace, your company will be able to:

– See and follow data collection processes in real time
– Get visual results as soon as they come in
– Manage incidents and solve them immediately by means of a personalised notification system
– Simply configure forms and checklists oneself, without any IT knowledge
– Request pictures and comments to obtain a visual proof as well as valuable additional information
– Store all the data securely on private servers or in the cloud