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Bob is a service to that will take travellers’ luggage from your office, hotel or home to the airport, thus allowing travellers to use their time efficiently on their last day without having to worry about what to do with their suitcases.

To achieve this, Bob has developed a service that allows luggage to be checked-in at any moment and in any part of a city in the following way:

• The client makes a booking on Bob’s website.

• One of the company’s couriers comes to the meeting point with his or her app and checks the luggage.

• After dropping the luggage at the company’s distribution centre, it is transported to the airport and injected in the airport’s system.

• The passenger can pick it app when he gets to his airport of destination.

The main advantage of Bob is that the passenger and suitcase will travel in the same plane. Today there’s no solution as quick, cheap and comfortable as Bob.

The best way to travel is without luggage

Forget about your luggage:


Bob’s vision is to achieve a truly global door-to-door service so that when you get to your hotel or airport of destination, your luggage will be there waiting for you.