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When we met Ruben Sanchez and Emilio Galan, we were extremely attracted by their discipline and work ethic. But perhaps the thing that called even more our attention was the company and business they had created, without much fanfare, from Salamanca.

Beonprice is a SaaS product that helps hotels and revenue managers establish the optimum price for their rooms based on more than 20 internal and external variables. Because at a time of intense competition in the hospitality sector, optimising the price of hotel’s main asset becomes fundamental to their growth.

The vast majority of Spanish startups are based in Madrid and Barcelona. That’s something that we’ve written about numerous times over the past few months. However, as a fund we believe that there are great investment opportunities in smaller cities.

Increase your hotel’s RevPAR.

Beonprice has more than 25 employees and offices in Salamanca, Madrid, Mexico and the USA, as well as more than 1,500 clients all around the world.

These and many other factors have led us to complete a €1.4 million investment in Beonprice. We’re super proud of what Emilio, Ruben and the rest of the team have built and we’re sure the best is still yet to come.