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At K Fund we believe that it’s people who make a difference. In Billin‘s case, from the very beginning we were attracted by the entrepreneurs: Marcos and Diego are not only great people, but they also have an amazing work ethic and clear ideas. They are that kind of entrepreneur that you know something good will happen to them in their life, and we’re sure an example of that will be Billin.

Billin has developed a freemium SaaS with a clear vision, to help SMEs and freelancers send invoices and get paid in a more efficient way. Their software is currently being used by thousands of companies, helping them create, share and manage invoices and get paid online.

A lot of SMEs and freelancers send invoices as a PDF via email, starting a slow process that can take days or weeks of administrative tasks. Billin saves SMEs and freelancers from such processes.

To help SMEs and freelancers track their invoices and get paid.

Billin’s target market is huge: only in Spain there are more than three million SMEs and in most markets SMEs account for 95% of the market. They are a very important engine of the global economy. Helping them with their invoices is a great idea and Billin is achieving this.

Seven reasons to use Billin: efficient, free, secure, simple and intuitive, complementary and social.