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The traditional insurance industry is ripe for disruption and we’re super Coverfy is going to be a factor in this. The sector, in many ways, has not changed significantly in recent times, and technology is making it easier than ever to provide better products for both customers and companies alike.

When Vicente Arias told us that he was about to start a new company, we told him that we were interested, regardless of the sector he’d tackle. When we found out that it was the insurance market, our interested increased dramatically for several reasons:

– We think the insurance market is about to be disrupted and many things will happen over the next few years. And contrary to, for example, the finch industry, it’s not a price-driven market.

– Vicente has built a superb team that has already fought in many battles. Manu Arianoff, Jesus Monleon, Sacha Fuentes, Yulia Babintseva, Miguel Estrada… a dream team!

– They have great traction

– We can add value for many reasons, including our personal experience

Coverfy has built a great product that suits customer’s needs in the digital world we currently live in. And we’re sure this is just the beginning of a great ride.

"When someone like Vicente Arias tells you that he's going to start a new company, you almost want to give him the money regardless of what it is" - Iñaki Arrola

Your insurance broker in the palm of your hand:

Coverfy is the first mobile-first insurance broker in Spain. It allows you to optimise and manage all of your insurance contracts in an intelligent way. And it’s easy and free for consumers.

"Vicente chose us before other investors and we can only thank him for that" - Iñaki Arrola