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Goin is an app that helps millennials save and invest money automatically without previous investment experience. Goin aims to cover the needs of all millennials, of which 83% confess that they can not save money. On top of that, the app puts at the users disposal and regardless of their savings, an easy-to-use tool that empowers their finances and lifestyle.

The idea to build Goin came from the three young Spanish entrepreneurs as they were looking for a way to optimize their own money. To tackle this issue, the team decided to do an experiment and exchanged debit cards for a limited period of time, which resulted in saving up to 62% more in the following two months. This was the beginning of Goin.

Goin’s methodology is based on a simple system that first understands the user’s profile and habits through questions and answers, in order to offer ways and automatic methods to effortlessly save money. Once the user adds money to the app, he or she can transfer part or all of it to the investment section of the app or to his bank account.

Multiply your money with Goin

Learn by saving and investing:


Although there are similar successful models already operating in the US, the team sees a big opportunity in Southern Europe to offer a simple and compelling way for non-experts to increase their personal capital. This attractiveness has resulted in more than 7,000 people joining Goin’s waiting list in the past few months.