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Graphext helps companies ask the right questions and discover unexpected insights from their data.

The team has developed a powerful dimensional reduction and clustering technology that auto-segments your data to identify patterns, outliers and correlations visually at once.

Graphext is especially good at dealing with complex data with different structures (text, images, numerical and categorical data) and many variables. They focus on solving behaviour analytics problems such as customer profiling, workforce, analysis, online marketing research, etc.

"We made a decision to back Graphext when the company was taking its first steps and we couldn't be happier with their evolution"

Graphext helps you understand your company in a better way:


Graphext has been already tested by more than 10 clients and 200 users. They have helped pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, marketing agencies and government institutions to improve the quality and efficiency of their business analytics, and as a result, their overall performance.