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Berlin-based Keatz operates a portfolio of 10 different delivery-only food brands from salads, burritos to thai curries, which are all prepared in local, highly automated assembly kitchens (also known as “ghost kitchens”).

Contrary to classical restaurants, Keatz does not offer any seating area or pickup services for customers at its kitchens, selling its products instead through partner platforms such as Deliveroo, Delivery Hero, UberEats and Glovo.

The company, which started operating in 2016, is now running ghost kitchens in Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid and plans to continue its European expansion strategy by opening new kitchens in coming months in Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Amsterdam and Paris. To fuel this expansion and to further increase the automation of its ghost kitchens, the company has raised more than €6 million to date, from Project A, K Fund, Atlantic Labs, Ustart and JME.

“We not only provide superior takeaway food to customers, but also an attractive model to our delivery platforms. On average, our meals are prepared in less than 10 minutes, thus offering shorter delivery times to customers and superior delivery economics to our partners” - co-founder Dimitrios Ploutarchos

A rapidly expanding market:


Despite ongoing consolidation in the industry, food delivery is still a rapidly growing market, with annual growth rates bigger than 25%. Recent European success stories in the market show that big businesses can still be crated that tackle new needs from consumers while improving efficiency and consumer satisfaction.