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Mobile notifications can be a useful way to receive relevant information. But, at the same time, they can also be overwhelming when what we receive is not relevant, or even worse, when we receive information we’re not interested in.

After working together for several years on Guiomatic from Alicante, José Luis Pérez (‘Josele’) and Oleg Kozynenko, started developing a new notifications system for their own mobile phones.

What at the time was a basic personal project to better understand mobile development ended up becoming Hooks, one of the better apps on the market to take control of mobile notifications.

Hooks allows users to decide what types of notifications they want to receive (a new goal from their favourite football team, a new Game of Thrones episode, when your company’s servers are down, when your company has signed a new client or even when it’s about to rain) and to communicate with users who receive similar notifications.

" “When K Fund called us, we didn’t think twice about it. We only want to work with the best, and their reputation is a testament of their previous work with other companies. Since we started working with them, we’ve seen why: they show tremendous support, they have a great network and they allow us to focus on what’s really needed, eliminating unnecessary distractions”"

More than half a million users:

More than 500,000 users around the world have Hooks installed on their mobile phones, and we’re sure this is just the beginning. The problem with notifications is real, and we believe Hooks is the best way to solve it and Josele, Oleg and Miguel Angel, the right people to do it.

“After working with K Fund for several months, we’re happy they decided to lead our round. They provide great value, a great network and they know their main function is to help us grow”.