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Technology is increasingly more present in kid’s lives, as they start using smartphones, tablets and apps to learn while playing. However, many parents are still worried about their children’s use of technology, eager to understand how they are using apps and devices that are available around the house.

To solve these problems, Lernin has created a platform with more than 80 educational games for children aged between 2 and 6, allowing them to learn while playing games in the fields of science, languages, math, music and art. On top of that, parents can know at any point in time how their children are using the apps and how they’re progressing through the different challenges they will face.

Leading the Lernin journey are two entrepreneurs with lots of experience creating and scaling technology companies. We’ve known Iñaki Ecenarro and Jordi Miró for many years and we feel privileged to join this in their latest adventure.


An ecosystem of apps created by parents who want their children to learn in a safe and useful way

Games for kids to learn the right way:

Iñaki and Jordi have built a team of top performers, with the commitment of creating a unique experience for kids and parents while launching new games on a continuous bases. The Lernin universe is formed by five characters and five worlds that will delight children.

Lernin: the best way for your kids to learn while playing