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Since the liberalization of the Spanish energy sector in 1997, the country has seen many new companies come to market, most of them with the objective of changing an industry where the status quo has prevailed for decades.

– Use of 100% renewable energy

– A clear focus on user experience and design

– Total transparency and being upfront with the consumer

These are aspects that consumers have been demanding for quite some time, and that today are enjoyed by Lucera’s 6,000+ customers.

With Lucera, consumers pay a fair price for the energy they use at their homes, as the company’s only profit is a monthly fee of €3.9. This allows Lucera to focus on achieving one main objective: to allow consumers to pay less for the electricity the consume.

Since launching, Lucera’s clients have saved hundreds of thousands of euros in their energy bills, by simply helping consumers adapt their contracts to their real needs and thus avoiding fraudulent discounts and abusive prices.

"After meeting with many investors, we quickly saw that K Fund was different. From the beginning, they helped us power our strengths and improve our weaknesses, allowing us to overcome the hard times of any company at the beginning and helping us reach the next step"

A different kind of energy company

At K Fund we believe in market transparency -including in the market that we operate in, the Spanish Venture Capital industry- and in how that can offer great advantages to the players that operate in it. The case of Lucera and the electricity market is a great example of this.

"Besides showing confidence in us with the investment, K Fund's team knows how to provide value in key areas and to help with strategic decisions. A continuous learning approach and a humbling experience"