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Although it’s a new investment, and also K Fund’s first deal, the relationship with Fernando Márquez and Gonzalo Castellano started a while back. In the beginning of 2013, in our previous phase as Vitamina K, we invested in Saluspot, one of the bigger online health communities in the Hispanic world.

If Saluspot was the B2C part of the business, Salupro was the B2B one: a comparison tool and algorithm for sanitary products that helps dentists and vets to optimize the purchase of materials and to improve supplier’s logistics.

Both Saluspot and Salupro were invested by Telefonica in 2014 and have continued to grow ever since in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. The company has recently started a new chapter as an independent company, with the objective of becoming an even bigger player in the health sector, and we have the pleasure of, once again, being involved in the process.

In the previous stage, Gonzalo and Fernando showed us what commitment to a project really means and how they can, and will, take care of investors’ money as if it were its own. And these two aspects alone are worth as much as their ability to execute, which was also proven in the times of Citydeal and its acquisition by Groupon.

"K Fund has a very interesting mix of people at the top: former entrepreneurs, VCs and people with an IT background. This allows them to be close to the entrepreneur and to understand his or her needs"

Software for the medical industry:

Through the software that the company has developed and that’s currently being used by more than 7,000 clients and 300 providers, Salupro is able to offer significant cost savings and deliveries in less than 24 hours, breaking geographical barriers and helping improve a mature but inefficient market.

"K Fund is right now one of the most interesting options for startups. Their involvement with the companies they back is always of high value. They show constant support"