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According to different studies, more than 112,000 small businesses in Spain still do not sell online. The numbers are even greater in Latam or even across Europe. This situation is a consequence of t ree main factors: knowledge -or lack of- about how to manage online operations, setup and maintenance time and budget constraints.

In order to solve this and help small and local merchants sell online, Barcelona-based Shopery has created SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution for the creation and management of marketplaces.

“We believe that marketplaces are the opportunity for small merchants and SMBs to start selling online”, says Franc Vidal, co-founder and CEO of Shopery. “Marketplace operators take on the role of acquiring traffic and sales for the merchants, by investing in advertisement and promotions, in techn logy, in logistics and in many other aspects. Thus reducing the time, budget and knowledge requir ments for small businesses, adapting to their lack of digital maturity”.

Versatile and scalable marketplaces

Growing with (also) the help of partners:


Although independent marketplaces can sign up for Shopery and start using its software to bring local shops online, the company is currently targeting partnerships with the public sector, commercial associations as well as value-added partners to help bring more businesses online.