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The short term rental market is in full swing, increasingly becoming the favourite way for consumers to travel and for property owners to obtain an economic return.

As a result of this booming market, many platforms have been born that connect travellers with property owners, as well as thousands of companies that offer complimentary services for industry players. However, the data that’s available about this market remains disperse and of low quality.

This is precisely what Transparent is looking to solve. Through first party data agreements with companies as well through other techniques, Transparent has built one of the largest short term rental databases in the world.

Transparent wants to become “the Switzerland” of the short term rental industry, positioning itself as a neutral player willing to collaborate with all of the players in the sector

A neutral platform for the short term rental industry:


Property management companies, DMOs, city councils, OTAs and even the very own short term rental platforms are already using Transparent to make better business and sustainability decisions.