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Urbanitae is the only crowdfunding platform that specializes in big, off-market real estate opportunities, allowing anyone to invest in such properties with small amounts of money and zero hassle.

Investing in real estate is a great way to diversify your portfolio and build net worth, but it also poses some major drawbacks:

• Accessing opportunities: The best opportunities in the market are usually too large and exclusive for retail investors and stay within the network of institutional investors and large real estate funds.

• Diversifying: Buying a property generally requires large sums of money, so most people end up concentrating too much of their net worth (and risk!) on a single investment opportunity

• Managing: Managing a property is no easy task, and everything from the purchasing, to the renovating, to the renting and selling, requires a lot of work and time.

Big real estate investments within everyone's reach

By leveraging technology and the internet, Urbanitae is able to provide solutions to the main limitations and hassles of investing in real estate:


Accessing opportunities by pooling small investors into a “crowd”, diversifying via small minimum investments that allow investors to own a share in numerous types of properties (residential, commercial, etc.) in different cities and even countries, and by a new way of managing the investment process with the help of professionals.