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Wide Eyes

Based in Barcelona, Wide Eyes is an Artificial Intelligence company focused on delivering specific value for the fashion industry. The company started off as a B2C mobile app that allowed consumers to take a photo of apparel to find similar looks and buy the products themselves. The company quickly saw that what it had developed could add a lot of value to brands and retailers, and quickly changed its strategy to focus on the B2B market.

Wide Eyes has developed a unique image recognition and Artificial Intelligence technology for the fashion and ecommerce industry, in order to provide smooth experiences to their customers’​ users and generate value for the brands and retailers that sell to them, thanks to powerful visual AI technology.

This technology does not only allow users to discover fashion through images but also to index, search, tag and find images without using a single word. Today, the company is poised to truly change the paradigm and claim that “a picture is not worth 1,000 words… a picture is worth a picture”.

Getting visitors is a hard effort, turning them into costumers is the real deal: Less searching time, more shopping time

Changing the way we shop:


Retailers and ecommerce companies can not categorize anymore what their customers like. The tools developed by Wide Eyes, will help companies and their customers to find each other in the process of shopping. Wide Eyes breaths new air into your shop, ecommerce or mobile app.